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so number one: i hate that most of the people i knew in texas forgot i existed. thats a given, but even more than that
i hate the fact that they have no problem forgetting about me UNTIL i say something they dont like, then they have
NO problem bitching at me. or if they want something they have NO problem asking me. WHY THE FUCK would i give 
two shits about what you think or want when we dont even fucking talk? case in point. i post ONE bulletin saying 420
is stupid, and i get some BITCH that i dont even talk to telling me to chill out. uh, do i know you? do i still talk to you?
does your opinion of me or my thoughts matter to me whatsoever? didnt think so.

so number two: i hate that ANYONE can post a bulletin saying anything and its fine, but god forbid i post one saying
420 is stupid. everyone else, feel free to be angry at things you dont like, or even just say you dont like them, and its cool.
me? of COURSE not. because my life is full of bitches who like to re-emmerge when im in a good mood. get fucked.

but whatever. 420 is a made up 'holiday' that supposedly give you a special reason to toke up. but can you just do that 
EVERY other day? thats all i was fucking saying! i dont give a shit if you smoke, thats not my life. so what the hell is so
wrong with that opinion. people wouldnt tell me to chill out if i said it was dumb to celebrate christmas would they? 


noiseaddict wrote:
Apr. 21st, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
i feel the same....fuck 420. its no more special then every other day.

cease_power wrote:
Apr. 21st, 2008 04:20 am (UTC)
true man, true.
and i read your latest blog, sounds like you are dealing with some heavy pressing shit.
my bf and i (before we just got our apartment) were looking at sharing a house and it is a hard thing to think about, living with a bunch of people, ya know?

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